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Dear Traders,

My name is Nikos Mermigas and along with my trading partner Dr. Jeff Wilde, we have 37 years of combined live trading experience and we've coached traders in more than 94 countries. What this means for you is that we KNOW what works and WHAT doesn't work in the high pressured world of trading and...

Our BRAND NEW Complete Trader Program is designed to overcome all the obstacles in today's chaotic market conditions.


The bottom-line is that after working with more than 12,000 students, we've developed the ability to take almost any trader, regardless of their experience and help them pull more money out of the markets then they've ever done before.

You can see first hand some our student successes just below...

Gail - 2000 Pips!

Zan From Slovenia - 500 Pips And Climbing!

Tomek - Up 600 Pips!

Gail - Up 1600 Pips on Last Lot!

Why Our Students Succeed, Even If They've Been Struggling For Years...

  • Our experience cuts years off your learning curve and we give you only proven techniques that work over and over again. We put in thousands of hours research and made all the costly mistakes so that you don't have to.
  • Proven profitable strategies by 1000's of Spartan Students around the world over the past 8 years.
  • We provide fanatical support so that your never left alone scratching your head trying to figure things out yourself. This way you'll never have to go searching yet again for a strategy that actually works. We truly believe that if you follow our lead and take our proven shortcuts, this will be the last trading program you'll ever need.
  • We don't believe in a cookie cutter one size fits all approach so... Regardless of your trading style, experience level, risk tolerance level or financial goals... We will help give you tools that meet your needs specifically.
  • We will never give up on you and will keep working with you until you are making the kind of money you used to only dream about.
  • We never rest on our laurels and always looking for easier and more profitable ways to trade and... That's why we'll be constantly adding more training videos, tips and tricks each month.
  • We provide live training sessions which is where you'll experience major breakthroughs. There is nothing like seeing strategies being traded real time!
  • We share multiple money-making strategies that cover all market conditions, (Up-Down-Sideways-Choppy-Low Volatility-High Volatility & News Driven Markets)

ct1000no shadow

The Complete Trader Overview

  • 7 Proven Strategies optimized to work in today's challenging market conditions.
  • Each strategy includes a detailed manual and videos that will make learning quick and enjoyable..
  • Each strategy is broken down into clear easy to understand steps.
  • Strategies can be applied to any market, forex, stocks, ETF's etc...
  • The Completer Trader Strategies cover swing trading, day trading, scalping, hedging and news trading.
  • Money Management, Trade Management & Trading Psychology are covered in detail as they are essential to becoming a trader who consistently makes money.
  • Life-Time Access To All Manuals, Videos, EA'S and Live Training Sessions

The Complete Trader Program Includes All Of The Following...

CT Spartan FX.drc

The Spartan FX System

  • Learn the core Spartan System in just 5 hours
  • Clear step by step trading blueprint you can use immediately
  • Has been consistently profitable for students over the past 8 years

CT Spartan Swing Mastery

Swing Trading Mastery

  • Takes 10 minutes a day
  • This is the strategy we use to professionally manage money
  • Clear step by step entries, exits & money management
  • 100% mechanical rules

CT Spartan FX.drc

Day Trading Mastery

  • Takes 10 minutes a day
  • This is the strategy we use to professionally manage money
  • Clear step by step entries, exits & money management
  • 100% mechanical rules

renko bar CT

Renko Bar Trading

  • Renko bars are one of our secret weapons for locking in a high winning percentage.
  • Removes market noise and gives clear precise signals.
  • Fine-tune your entries with smaller stops than conventional strategies..

bounce trading

Bounce Trading

  • Harnesses the power of the Spartan System in non trending markets.
  • Since the market only trends 20% of the time this system is essential.
  • Learning to trade choppy markets will more than double the amount of trading opportunities.


Hedge Trading

  • Can help you to make 100% to 300% more on your trades.
  • Discover when to hedge your positions and the safest time to do it.
  • Discover the safest time frames to hedge your trades.

ma breakout

M.A. Trading

  • Captures new trades in rapidly reversing markets.
  • Grab profits where most traders are dead wrong.
  • 100% mechanical entry and exit rules. Learn it in 30 minutes.
  • Gives traders a lot more opportunities.


E.A.'s & Indicators

  • Includes full access to all of the EA's, Indicators & templates we use.
  • These EA's & Indicators will improve your accuracy and decrease the time and effort required to find trades.
  • We'll also provide you free of charge any upgrades or tweaks to our software.

Join Our Private Facebook Group

  • Learn from our experienced members from all over the globe.
  • Get real time trade signals from other members - Never miss a trade again.
  • Make life-time friends and trading partners.
  • Some members have paid for the price of this program with just a couple trades shared in the group.
  • This is a great place to have all your questions answered and will speed up your learning curve.

CT live bonus

Weekly Live Workshops

  • Hands on Live Training Sessions that will give you even more tips to beat the markets.
  • This is your chance to get all your questions answered. We're here to help you!
  • Seeing live trades and real time analysis is what will make you know that making a living trading is entirely achievable.
  • These live sessions will give you all the practical tools to help you trade profitably on your own without having to rely on anyone else.

Recording of All Live Classes

  • 24/7 Access to watch all the workshops at your leisure.
  • Repetition is the key to success and having access to all these recorded sessions will greatly speed up your progress.
  • You never have to worry about missing a live class again!
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Terms and Conditions

By visiting this site, purchasing or using products offered by The Complete Trader Program, you agree to the following Terms and Conditions.   All sales are considered final due to the nature of software licenses, digital downloads, live instruction and proprietary methods taught. No refunds will issued for any reason.  All instruction, signals and advice supplied by The Complete Trader representatives or software is to be used at your own risk. All types of trading is inherently risky, as it involves unlimited profit and loss. The Complete Trader Program cannot be held accountable for any loss or other financial damages. Course material may not be resold, transferred, duplicated, copied or shared in any way (digitally or physically). Such sharing is subject to criminal penalties and terminates all licenses you hold with The Complete Trader Program. Agreeing to these Terms and Conditions also concedes agreement to the U.S. Government Required Disclaimer and CFTC Rule 4.41 listed below.