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What Customers are Saying About The Complete Trader...

I am trading forex almost 5 years. Believe it or not, but I have spent about $ 50,000 in “education” and Trading systems. Videos, Courses, Seminars you name it. I did not expect much when I joined Nikos here at the Spartan Academy, but that changed faster than I thought. Nick has patience like no other with his students, and after watching and trading live with him and the group for about 2 months I joined his Elite course! The first time I made 3 month consistent profits in the past 5 years of trading. I have a trading plan and bigger goals now. In my opinion Nikos is the best coach I came across and the trading system and risk management rules are simple and fantastic. If you want a shortcut to trading success try it out people!
Hida Sanches Spain
I started by purchasing the Spartan FX Video Course and studying it for a month before joining the Live Trading Room. To say that Nikos is a very gifted teacher would be an understatement. He blends technical analysis with trading psychology in every session. You can tell that he is the ‘real deal’…someone who’s ‘been there and done that. After approximately two months of working with the Spartan methodology I can say now that my trading has turned the corner. It has been said that “you need to trade from a level of confidence that comes only from a series of successes”. By studying and trading along side of Nikos I now have that confidence. I am currently in a swing trade and booked 55 pips on first lot…110 on 2nd…and am up 210 pips on 3rd lot. My advice is simple : Learn the Spartan system …trade the Spartan system…profit from it.
Nikos is a successful professional trader who has decided to teach his trading methods to others to help them become successful too. His simple approach with minimal indicators will help you see Forex charts in a new light and help you figure out where pairs are moving. All lessons are done through a live trading room, on live charts so there is no smoke & mirrors, it’s all real (they can also be downloaded later if you miss one). I have to try to unlearn most of 10years worth of courses & complications so I can trade the system as simply as it is intended. I am concentrating on his Swing Trading approach and have already had several trades with profit in the hundreds of pips, as many other students have, for the first time in my trading career. Nikos is a very humble, patient and generous mentor and I consider myself very lucky to have become one of his students. I would definitely recommend friends to join (and I have).
Brian McLean Australia

Ok, So, What EXACTLY Does The Complete Trader Do?

Everything you need at your finger-tips:
In a nutshell the Complete Trader provides you with all the tools required to become a profitable trader in today's chaotic markets. You'll have access to proven reliable trading strategies, powerful analysis and trade managements EA'S, video training as well as live classes. Finally world-class support is available anytime you need it.

Put An End To Second-Guessing And Wondering What To Do Next...

Why Our Students Succeed, Even If They've Been Struggling For Years...

Dear Traders,

If your reading this it's because your looking for a safe and reliable trading strategy to generate income and... You're wondering who we are and whether we can really help you.

My name is Nikos Mermigas and along with my trading partner Dr. Jeff Wilde, we have 37 years of combined live trading experience and we've coached traders in more than 94 countries. What this means specifically for you is that we KNOW what works and how to help you achieve the success your looking for in the shortest time possible.

Will This Really Work For Me?

The bottom-line is that after working with more than 12,000 students, we've developed the ability to take almost any trader, regardless of their experience and help them pull more money out of the markets then they've ever done before.

Fast Track Your Trading...

Our experience cuts years off your learning curve and we give you only proven techniques that work over and over again. We put in thousands of hours research and made all the costly mistakes so that you don't have to. There is no need to go it alone as we'll be with you every step of the way.

The Complete Trader Program Will Give You All The Tools You Need To Suceed In Todays's Challenging Markets...


The Spartan Power EA and Money Management EA'S will help you quickly uncover trades. No more second geussing about when and where to trade.


Live training classes will be taught 2 to 3 times a week and will cover everything from the basics to advanced strategies. It's also a great way to get all your questions answered.

Video Training Modules

Each Spartan Strategy is broken down into a series of videos that will walk you through in clear logical steps.


Members will have private access to a Facebook group of traders from around the world. This is a great way to make new friends and share trading ideas. It's also a great resource for finding new trades.


Help is always available via email or in the live training sessions and in the Facebook group.


As a Complete Trader member you'll have life-time access to the video modules.


When needed we'll supply you with PDF training sheets that will give you a visual step by step guide.

Exclusive Member Discounts

A few times a year we do special workshops outside of the Complete Trader and we offer members a 50% discount off of these 5 day workshops.

The Spartan POWER EA'S Up Close:

Smart Trade & Risk EA

  • Specially built professional trade & risk management indicator for Complete Trader Members.
  • Automatically calculates proper lot sizing for your account.
  • Split positions and set multiple profit targets.
  • Automated exits at profit levels.
  • Spread & Slippage filter that will prevent you from getting bad fills.
  • Includes market strength filter.

Spartan Power Trade Finder EA

  • This is BRAND NEW and never been offered before.
  • Automatically does the Spartan System analysis for you.
  • Makes trading so much faster and easier for you.
  • Gives you the ability to trade more markets with way less time or effort.
  • Will help ensure consistency in your trades.
  • The software will give you more confidence as it always knows what to look for.

It's Your Turn To Finally Get The Results You Deserve...

Ok, So, What Strategies Will I Learn?

Swing Trading Mastery
The Spartan Swing Trading strategy only takes 20 minutes a day and this is the strategy we use to professionally manage money for our clients. Clear step by step entries, exits & money management. This is ideal for anyone with a full time job or limited free time. By far, swing trading is the way to make the biggest trades with the least effort.
Day Trading Mastery
The Day Trading module teaches you all the core Spartan techniques and strategies that will help you find high profit potential/low risk day trades that are suited for traders who don't like to hold trades over night. You will also learn how we're sometimes able to risk 20 pips to make over 1000 pips.
Bounce Trading For Hidden Opportunities
Harnesses the power of the Spartan System in non trending markets. Since the market only trends 30% of the time this system is essential. Learning to trade choppy markets will more than double the amount of trading opportunities.
Leverage Your Profits With Hedge Trading
Hedge Trading is an advanced strategy that can help you potentially make 100% to 300% more on your trades. Discover when to hedge your positions and the safest time to do it. This is something all professionals do and something you will want to learn as well.
Breakout Trading For Fast Markets
This is a simple but powerful strategy that you can learn in 30 minutes that captures new trades in rapidly reversing markets. Grab profits where most traders are dead wrong. 100% mechanical entry and exit rules. Gives traders a lot more opportunities.
Here at The Complete Trader we don't believe that "One Size Fits All" when it comes to trading. We realize that each trader has different goals and that's why we offer multiple strategies to cover all market conditions. This way no matter what your schedule or personal trading style you'll find plenty of opportunities.

Here Are Some Highlights Of What You'll Learn...

  • How to locate high proability trades over and over.
  • How to always keep your risk small.
  • Discover the best money management strategies.
  • How to trade around economic news.
  • How to smoothly go from demo trading to live trading.
  • How to have precise entries and exits.
  • When to hold your positions over the weekend and when to close them.
  • How to pick the best charts and time settings.
  • How to put on trades overnight and sleep like a baby.
  • How to have total confidence in your trading skills.
  • How to create a trading plan that will guide you safely each day.
  • How to quickly read the market so that you'll know exactly the best way to trade it.
  • Which pairs are the best to trade and which to avoid.
  • How to know which style of trading will give you the most consistency and profits.
  • How to achieve consistent results even if you've struggled in the past.
  • Which times of day are best for trading.
  • How to setup your charts to make analyis simple and fast.
  • How to setup your trades so that your risk is always in your comfort zone.
  • How to successfully manage multiple open trades.
  • Which indicators really work and which are a waste of time and money.
  • How to trade just like the major instuitions.
  • How to go from a novice to professional money manager.
  • How to remove fear and doubt once and for all.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to purchase anything else?
No, your tuition is a one time payment only for life-time access.

Is this suitable for beginners?
Yes it is. We have many new traders coming through our doors and they find it easy to get up to speed due to the way the program is structured.

What if I need a lot of one on one help?
Help is never far away as you can email us, get answers in the Facebook group or during the live classes.

Do I need to have a real money account to participate?
No not at all.  You ca start with a free demo account and practice with that.  Once you really get comfortable and profitable in demo mode then you can begin with a small account.

How much do you risk on a trade?
We keep our risk really small and keep it at 0.5% to  1.0% of our total account value.

Is this just for swing trading?
No, we teach day trading and scalping as well.

Is this a trend following system?
Our core strategy is but… We also teach you how to successfully trade in choppy markets and in range bound markets.

Do you trade this system yourself?
Yes everyday and it's the one we use to manage our clients funds

Is the Spartan Power EA a forex robot?
The EA is designed to do all the analysis for you and it can even enter the trade and manage it for you but... Keep in mind that we always recommend you do a quick visual inspection of the setup before you enable the EA to take the trade.

How many computers can I use the EA on?
You'll be able to use on up to 3 pc's and you'll need to provide us with the MT4 account number so that we can authorize access on each machine.

How much money can I expect to make?
It once again depends on market volatility, amount of pairs watched and time frames used. It also depends on how many hours you spend watching the markets. It also depends on how much you risk per trade and whether you take all trades that setup.  Some of our traders pick up an extra 2000 pips or more a month but that doesn’t guarantee that you’ll do the same. You may do even better or you may not make that much. It also depends on your ability to follow rules and not to fall victim to fear, greed and your emotions when in a trade.

How many trades a week does your system make?
That all depends on market volatility and the size of the daily ranges.  It also depends on the number of pairs that a trader watches and also the time frames being used. Traders looking as say a daily chart will find less trades then one who looks at the 4 hour or 1 hour charts.

Do the EA'S only work in MT4?
Yes Mt4 is a hugely popular platform for forex so we've put all our focus on it.

Can I only trade forex with your EA'S?
You can trade any markets that your MT4 broker provides. For example some offer, metals, oil and stocks and indexes like the DAX.
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